Featured Beers

  • 1. Lammas Ale - 4.20%


    Amber/brown full bodied great tasting beer with a satisfying balance of malt and hop, with the addition of malted wheat, to celebrating the first harvest

  • 2. Single Hop IPA - 5.00%


    Intense punchy aroma of new world proportions with flavour notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits.

  • 3. Otto & Griselda Pale Ale - 4.60%


    A clear golden colour with off white head a light fruity cereal aroma flavour is light lemon pale malts some cereal and grain notes, smooth hop finish

  • 4. Pavillion Pale Ale - 4.50%

    Bank Top

    This ale is extremely pale. The flavour is well rounded using primarily First Gold Hops and Cascade to finish.

  • 5. Devon Dumpling - 5.10%


    A strong golden beer with a fresh hop character. This ale has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness throughout.

  • 6. Brickworks Bitter - 4.20%


    A malty bitter which is chestnut in colour with a slightly nutty hint. Hops balance the maltiness to provide a well rounded best bitter.

  • 7. Rhatas - 4.60%

    Black Dog

    A dark, rich bitter which is creamy and very smooth to the palate with some spicy notes.

  • 8. Bearly Literate - 4.50%


    A golden pale ale offering crisp hoppy flavours with a smooth malty finish. Dry hopped for a fuller flavour.

  • 9. Golden Spring - 4.00%


    Fresh and aromatic, straw coloured beer brewed with selected lager malt.

  • 10. Bosuns IPA - 5.60%


    A malty satisfying full bodied IPA with a balanced bitterness and inviting aroma’s

  • 11. Clockwork Orange - 6.50%


    A deep chocolate, malty beer brewed with oranges to give it that extra pazazz and matured to create a classic ?old ale? style.

  • 12. No5 Proper IPA - 5.00%

    Broughton Ales

    No.5 Proper IPA is a unique blend of New World Hops, Broughton Yeast and pure Scottish Water, brewed to produce an American style IPA. The taste is a delicate fusion of citrus, spice and pine flavours, with a hoppy, fruity aftertaste.

  • 13. Wicked Women Seris - 4.80%


    A range of beers celebrating women behaving badly, the style changes according to the season.

  • 14. Pollys Folly - 4.30%


    A full biscuit and malty flavoured ale with a deep coloured Caragold, followed by a well-balanced fruity and spicy notes as a long finish.

  • 15. Stairway to Heaven - 5.00%

    Burton Bridge

    Full of fresh flowery hop aromas, this amber coloured beer is flavoured with American Mount hood hops.

  • 16. Old Market Grog - 5.00%


    A full flavoured golden hoppy beer that is easy drinking for its premium strength.

  • 17. Potholer Golden ale - 4.30%

    Cheddar Ales

    The first beer produced Bushys brewery. An appealing reddish brown beer with a pronounced hop and malt aroma, the malt tending towards treacle. Slightly sweet and malty on the palate, with distinct orangey tones. The full finish is malty and hoppy a hint of toffee.

  • 18. Wildcat - 5.10%


    A full flavoured golden hoppy beer that is easy drinking for its premium strength.

  • 19. Grace Darling Gold - 5.00%


    A deep amber coloured strong ale with a complex malt, fruit and hop flavour.

  • 20. American Pale Ale - 4.70%

    Dark Star

  • 21. White Gold - 4.00%


    A yeast strain used for the brewing of the pale dry American Ales was specially imported from the USA, along with some Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops, to produce this pale ale. The pale Maris Otter malt provides a perfect light colour and dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops.

  • 22. Derwent Blonde - 4.20%


    Pale and aromatic but mouthfilling and thirst quenching with a mellow grapefruit bitterness from Cascade hops.

  • 23. Patriot Golden Ale - 4.40%


    Finest lager malt and an addition of wheat producing a delicious refreshing golden ale. Excellent lacing and long lasting head, ending with a satisfying dry/zesty finish.

  • 24. County Best - 4.60%


    Premium pale style

  • 25. Stag - 5.20%


    Premium strength best bitter. Deep golden-amber in colour, it is rich malt in the mouth with a bitter-sweet finish. The aroma is a balance of fruit and malt.

  • 26. Toon Broon - 4.60%


    A full-bodied copper-coloured strong ale. The nose is rich with resiny hop aromas to the fore followed by a biscuity maltiness in the background. On the palate a voluminous malty character with hints of chocolate and toffee is matched note for note with a well defined and warming fruitiness, before a giddy descent where a long dry finish where a hint of sweetness keeps matters well mannered.

  • 27. Mama Knows Best - 4.10%


    A delightfully mellow and not overhopped, dark amber coloured Best Bitter.

  • 28. Hurricane Jack - 4.40%

    Fyne Ales

    A traditional English Best Bitter made entirely with English malt and showcasing Mosaic hops, rich in Mango, Lemon and Earthy pine.

  • 29. Gold Star - 5.10%


    This Golden Ale has a smooth start that leads to deep, dry citrus flavours which mellow to a lingering citrus, bitter finish.

  • 30. Chinook Blonde - 4.20%

    Goose Eye

    Bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops, which provide it with one of the most distinctive and captivating tastes you might ever try. With copious amounts of flavour and an abundance or aroma.

  • 31. Blondie - 4.80%


    A crisp, pale beer with citrus flavours from North Down hops and a good hoppy smooth finish.

  • 32. Shankar IPA - 5.90%

    Great Heck

    Named after Ravi, Shankar IPA represents a place where English craft brewing, oriental intensity and rock and roll meet. A seriously fruity, hoppy, pale beer with a clean, zesty finish

  • 33. Great North Eastern Gold - 4.00%

    Great North Eastern

    No notes available

  • 34. Freak Show - 4.50%

    Great Orme

    This refreshing light golden ale is brewed using citrus hops for an intense fruity flavour.

  • 35. Ripper Tripel - 8.50%

    Green Jack

    Amber in colour. Champion Winter Ale of Great Britian in 2007. Dangerously drinkable, smoot yet well hopped. A match for any Belgian beer!

  • 36. Northumbrian Gold - 4.50%

    Hadrian & Border

    A light golden coloured ale with a biscuit malt flavour , with floral and aromatic hops.

  • 37. Nels Best - 4.20%

    High House Farm

    Golden coloured premium ale, single hopped with Goldings. An easy drinking ale which is not overly bitter and has a slight dry finish.

  • 38. Amber Ram - 4.30%

    Hooded Ram

    a well-balanced session ale, brewed with Bramling Cross, Cascade & Pilgrim hops.

  • 39. TBC - 5.00%

    Humpty Dumpty

    No information

  • 40. Slumbering Monk - 4.50%


    A premium beer, full bodied with malty and nutty fullness, hints of caramel giving it a round, soft, satisfying smoothness. The Slumbering Monk is a carving in the brewery’s hospitality bar carved by Robert Thompson ‘The Mouseman’ furniture maker in 1932.

  • 41. Riders on the Storm - 4.50%

    Kelham Island

  • 42. Monumental - 4.50%


    A golden coloured ale brewed with the finest Maris Otter extra pale malted barley blended with English and Slovenian Goldings hops offering a distinct floral mouth and nose feel.

  • 43. Lancaster Red - 4.80%


  • 44. Ferrymans Gold - 4.40%


    Golden, smooth,aromatic and zesty. Brewed using Slovenian Stryian Golding hops which impart a zesty Lime flavour. The mix of Cara malt and Wheat malt give a smooth, creamy body to the beer.

  • 45. Ein Stein - 5.00%


    “One Stone!” This lingering combination of pale Maris Otter malts and choice German hops may make you pause for thought. As you contemplate the gentle biscuit malts, fresh Hersbruker hops seduce the taste-buds educating and enlightening the palate.

  • 46. Double Maxim - 4.70%


    Brewed using Maris Otter and Crystal malts and English Golding Aroma hops. This tawny brown ale delivers full and rounded flavours, that are well balanced and smooth, leaving a pleasant lingering, slightly sweet aftertaste.

  • 47. Pride of Pendle - 4.10%


    An exceptionally fine balance of malt and hops give this beer a long dry and extremely satisfying finish.

  • 48. Workie Ticket - 4.50%


    A tasty, complex beer with malt and hops throughout and a long, satisfying, bitter finish.

  • 49. Bullet - 4.30%

    Mr Grundys

    Devilish dark ale with a treacle aroma and a smooth rounded taste.

  • 50. Valhalla - 5.50%

    North Yorkshire

    A strong brown beer plenty of hops with a subtle Crystal malt finish.

  • 51. Blue Top IPA - 4.80%

    Old Dairy

    A dangerously drinkable pale ale. Nice and hoppy with hints of lemon. Blue Top has a satisfying bitterness smoothly balanced with caramel flavours from the crystal malt and a hint of lemon from Styrian Golding hops.

  • 52. Tongue Tangler - 4.10%

    Old Spot

    A light coloured, citrus& grapefruit flavoured ale.

  • 53. Knee Buckler IPA - 5.20%


    A wonderfull golden IPA style beer – At 5.2% there is good strength and lots of initial hop bitterness which is matched with a little hint of sweetness from the use of Crystal and Caramalts, The aftertaste and aroma comes from a blend of American hops, Citra, Cascade and Columbus which gives a distinct fruity finish.

  • 54. Ale Storm - 4.20%


  • 55. Excitra - 4.50%


    Refreshing golden beer with grapefruit and floral aromas and a crisp hoppy finish.

  • 56. Pale Moonlight - 4.20%


    Well-balanced, straw coloured beer. Full malt flavour balanced with a dry, hoppy finish and an exceptional hop aroma.

  • 57. Dark Side of the Moose - 4.60%

    Purple Moose

    A delicious dark ale with a dry biscuit flavour from the roasted barley and a fruity bitterness from the use of Bramling Cross hops.

  • 58. Plastered Pheasant - 4.80%


    A rich, dark amber beer that has a fruity aroma with a smooth coffee and toffee flavour on the palate.

  • 59. Nook of Pendle - 5.00%


    Amber coloured warming ale with a fruity taste and a malty aroma.

  • 60. Ruby Mild - 4.40%


    A nutty, rich ruby ale, stronger than the average mild. CAMRA Champion Beer of Great Britain in 2009.

  • 61. Golden Thread - 5.00%


    A bright gold ale, using wheat and lager malt and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops.

  • 62. Lordships Own - 5.00%


    Rich and smooth the complexities of a fine Christmas Pudding, ruby red in colour, fierce spicy hops and mellow roast barely, finished with a dry and comforting palette.

  • 63. Autumn Red - 5.00%


    Deep mahogany in colour and bursting with robust flavours and aromas created using Fuggles, Liberty and Mount Hood hops. This is a perfect Autumnal beer as theWe make use of four malts and three hops, each from different countries. Black malt to add complexity, Crystal malt to add a slight sweetness and improve body. Hops with an almost botanical feel give an earthy yet fresh taste with a subtle bitterness. The equilibrium of hop and malt gives Aurora great flavour retention for a lingering hoppiness. Altogether a beautiful display and highly drinkable. nights start drawing in

  • 64. Aurora IPA - 4.40%

    Sonnet 43

    We make use of four malts and three hops, each from different countries. Black malt to add complexity, Crystal malt to add a slight sweetness and improve body. Hops with an almost botanical feel give an earthy yet fresh taste with a subtle bitterness. The equilibrium of hop and malt gives Aurora great flavour retention for a lingering hoppiness. Altogether a beautiful display and highly drinkable.

  • 65. St Peters Golden Ale - 4.00%

    St Peters

    A distinctive golden ale with a delicate, fresh, grainy aftertaste, brewed using traditional English malts and Challenger and Goldings hops.

  • 66. Orkney IPA - 4.80%


  • 67. Blonde Seris - 3.60%


    A very ligh coloured European Blonde Ale hopped with Polish and German hops.

  • 68. Hearty Blonde - 5.00%

    Yorkshire Heart

    Wonderful citrus hops blend with lager malts to create a refreshing unique hearty lager brew – rebranded as “Platinum EPA” in Spring 2017

  • 69. Guzzler - 0.00%

    Yorkshire Heart

    No Info

  • 70. Scratch - 4.00%

    Red Cat Brewing

    Golden amber in colour with a delicate fruity aroma and hints of ripe apricots. Clean, refreshingly bitter and easy drinking.

  • 71. Headlander - 4.20%

    Southbourne Ales

    Headlander is what an English beer should taste like. With Fuggles hops giving floral aromas and a full bitter flavour

  • 72. Grockles - 4.50%

    Southbourne Ales

    A blonde ale with refreshing peach aromas. This clean and palatable ale has been a real hit with lager and bitter drinkers alike.

  • 73. Fire Cracker - 4.20%

    Crackerjack Brewing co

    A good all round traditional English Best Bitter with considerable depth in taste. _The malt and the hops blending together without producing any extreme unbalanced flavours. _A hint of Chocolate malt together with the First Gold and Crystal hops gives this ale a rich taste._

  • 74. Lighthouse - 3.80%

    Dancing Cows Brewery

    zesty golden ale filled with grapefruit flavours and aromas from the Cascade and Chinook hops

  • 75. Phoenix IPA - 6.00%

    Drop Anchor Brewery

    Citra and orange IPA blended with real Organic Orange Peel and infused with a Citra hop tea

  • 76. Autumn Leaves - 4.30%

    Upham Brewery4.30%A ruby ale brewed with oats for a soft smooth body.

    A ruby ale brewed with oats for a soft smooth body.

  • 77. Pommy - 4.30%


    An amber blonde beer brewed using the popular choice of Cascade giving this beer a subtler flavour.

  • 78. Hop Back Citra - 4.00%

    Dorset Brewery

    This golden thirst-quenching_ale_has a lemony, grape-fruity aftertaste with a crisp dry bitterness,

  • 79. Flashman’s Clout - 4.50%

    Dorset Brewery

    Richly flavoured ale with plum and burnt toffee notes and citrus finish.

Featured Ciders

  • c1. Somerset Med - 6.00%


    No information

  • c2. Wild Dog - 7.50%


    No information

  • c3. Apples & Pears - 5.20%


    No information

  • c4. Bee Sting Still - 7.50%


    No information

  • c5. Crazy Goat - 6.80%


    No information

  • c6. Colider - 4.00%


    No information

  • c7. Cheeky Pig - 7.50%


    No information

  • c8. Gladiator - 8.40%


    No information

  • c9. Pickled Parrot - 4.00%


    No information

  • c10. Merry Monkey - 4.50%


    No information

  • c11. Rhubarb - 4.00%


    No information

  • c12. Lemon & Ginger - 4.00%


    No information

  • c13. Peach - 4.00%


    No information

  • c14. Lemon & Lime - 4.00%


    No information

  • c15. Mango - 4.00%


    No information

  • c16. Strawberry - 4.00%


    No information

  • c17. Apple & Blackberry - 4.00%


    No information

  • c18. Autumn Magic - 4.00%


    No information

  • c19. Muscle Mary - 4.00%


    No information

  • c20. Premium Perry - 7.50%


    No information

  • c21. Rum Cider - 4.00%


    No information

  • c22. Darkcider - 7.50%


    No information

  • c23. Crazy Goat - 6.80%


    No information

  • c24. Apples & Pears - 5.20%


    No information

  • c25. Cheeky Pig - 7.50%


    No information

  • c26. Pear & Raspberry - 4.00%


    No information

  • c27. Cuckoo Penny - 4.00%


    No information

  • c28. Fruit Bat - 4.00%


    No information

  • c29. Rosie’s Pig - 4.80%


    No information

  • c30. Old Rosie - 7.30%


    No information

  • c31. Novo Pyrus Perry - 7.00%


    No information

  • c32. She Devil - 4.00%


    No information

  • c33. Elderflower - 4.00%

    Thistly Cross

    No information

  • c34. Dirty Harry’s - 4.00%


    No information

  • c35. Flash Harry’s - 4.00%


    No information

  • c36. Elderflower - 4.00%


    No information

  • c37. Strawberry - 4.00%


    No information

  • c38. Blackberry & Elder - 4.00%


    No information

  • c39. Hunny Bubble - 3.80%

    Dorset Nectar

    No information

  • c40. Monkey Mango - 4.00%


    No information

  • c41. Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit - 4.00%


    No information

  • c42. Elderflower Gin & Tonic - 4.00%


    No information

  • c43. Raspberry Ripple - 4.00%


    No information

  • c44. Stawberry & lime - 4.00%


    No information

  • c45. Pear Mania - 7.00%


    No information